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Sunday, November 11, 2012

We Need A New Generation of Persuaders!

Older Christians are shocked by how permissive the younger-than-35 generation has become, as revealed by this latest presidential vote. I am convinced that one reason the younger generation has become OK with homosexuality, gay marriage, abortion, marijuana use, etc., is because of the rise of Libertarian philosophy. The further West you move in the U.S., the more Libertarian the country becomes. Secondly, the Christian churches have done almost nothing, in an orderly way, to persuade young people of the truth of the Bible or the need for faith. Our U.S. churches have wasted 30 years on idiocy like Pensacola Revivals, Brownsville Revivals, seeker-preaching, and other shallow fads. We preach Christ as the Great Facilitator of our lives as our lives already exist -- only the "Young, Restless, and Reformed" seem to be preaching for conversion. We need a new generation of Josh MacDowells, C.S. Lewises, Francis Scheffers, and Tim Kellers, who can build a persuasive pathway from where the <30 are, to where the Lord is; and others who will teach the Bible's absolute authority over every aspect of life, including social morals.

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